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Thinking About Getting A Puppy

When thinking about getting a puppy, it’s important to do your research and consider choices carefully. When you aren’t sure what or where to ask to ensure the best puppy for you and your family it can be very difficult. The purpose of this blog is to help you decide...

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How Dogs Learn

Dog trainers, dog lovers and animal enthusiasts have been able to teach dogs to do amazing behaviours. Trainers have developed a myriad of techniques and strategies for teaching a vast array of behaviours. Social media is abound with videos and pictures of dogs...

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Activate’s Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Over the course of my career, I have trained many dogs and worked with several families. With training goals ranging from walking nicely on the lead to remaining calm when people visit the house. These goals can be simple or complicated depending on the learner. The...

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How do I stop my dog pulling on lead?

Pulling on the lead is one of the most common issues experienced by dog owners. I am frequently asked by my own clients, "how do I stop my dog pulling on lead?". We all want to take our dogs for walks and exercise them. This is most likely to happen if we enjoy the...

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How do I stop my dog jumping up?

So perhaps you have a new puppy who is jumping up or you have rescued an older dog who is jumping. Very few things are more frustrating than a dog who jumps up. The muddy paw prints on clean clothing, the scratch marks and the upset guests who come to visit your...

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How do I find the right dog trainer for my dog?

As I set up my business, I found a number of dog trainers already established in Sydney and the surrounding area. These trainers offer different services and have different dog training methods. With such diversity, and sometimes contradicting messaging, how does a...

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Welcome to Activate Dog Training, I’m Bek

I know how super frustrating it can be when you get a new pup who does not behave.  Or how embarrassing it can be when your dog is jumping up on friends and pulling you down the street, or barking continuously. I have the skills and experience to help you achieve positive solutions to your canine troubles.

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